Gibson SG Standard Heritage Cherry

December 26, 2013 - Comment

SG Standard Product Features Heritage Cherry Chrome Electric

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SG Standard

Product Features

  • Heritage Cherry
  • Chrome
  • Electric


Riddick711 says:

Essay from Ese I’ve always been dubious of ordering guitars on-lineas they do not travel well thru temperature andterrain changes. However, GearNuts thankfullymanaged to get my new SG to me in just 2 daysfor FREE! The Factory box was padded and packedinside another box, so everything was pristine whenit arrived. Why go to guitar center and pay full priceand taxes for a guitar that has been sitting on a wallwith who knows who getting their booger stainedfingers all over it? The Gibson SG I purchased camein the factory sealed box untouched, undamagedand pristine from the factory. The Gibson SG standard for 2013 is incredible. I’veplayed the Epiphone version for years, but there reallyis no comparison. The ‘57 PAF pickups for this year areinitially what drew me to this model. That classic sound…

Maria Rivas Puente says:

Excellent guitar I admit that I was really scared to order this guitar due to the fact that I live in another country and it could get damaged from shipping. Thankfully this was not the case, it arrived fast (2 days earlier than the estimate) and in perfect condition. The guitar itself is all I could ask for; the neck is great for playing fast leads, the guitar is really light, you can get whatever sounds you want from it (I play blues, metal and rock), you can get heavy, brutal sounds with distortion, and rich deep ones with clean. I didn’t need to adjust the truss rod as the action was fine, however it was slightly out of tune, though I can’t complain keeping in mind it came from another country, going through multiple climate changes.All in all this is a great guitar and a great investment.

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